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Carpet Extraction

Commercial & Home Carpet Cleaning

Extreme Cleaning has a well-maintained roof and exterior cleaning system. We have divided our cleaning techniques to carefully serve the following two categories:

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Home Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners neglect cleaning their carpets until they are visibly dirty, but sometimes, this can be too late. Carpets in high traffic areas in your home should be cleaned quarterly or sometimes, even more frequently. If you allow soils to build up as people are walking on the carpet, the dirt acts like sand paper – slowly cutting into your carpet’s fibers, making them look bad and causing premature wear.

Replacing a carpet is not cheap, so they need to be properly cared for to ensure that they not only look great, but last a long time. Extreme Cleaners offers locations near Mount Pocono professional carpet cleaning services to help the longevity of your carpet.

To protect your property, we recommend frequent carpet cleaning.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Extraction

It is imperative to regularly maintain your carpets. With the help of our Mount Pocono professional carpet cleaning services, maintenance is easy. Dirt, dander, greasy tracks, and stains on your carpets don’t look impressive. We help protect your customers, employees, and serve as a mark of excellence for your business.

Extreme Cleaners offers two Mount Pocono professional carpet cleaning service options for commercial carpet, depending on the carpet’s condition. We can Steam-Clean the carpet, which is commonly known as a “Hot Water Extraction,” or we can Bonnet Clean, which is a very popular low-moisture encapsulation cleaning process. Together, we’ll decide which option is best after looking at your carpet and putting together a cleaning program for your business.

Large buildings and commercial units require skilled carpet cleaning services

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